How to become a next-generation top SAP consultant?

Earn your place in the Rising Star Academy from 23 April 2019!

Why become an SAP consultant?

Nowadays, SAP is the driving force behind many innovations in the business world. SAP is more than just implementing technology: you are helping businesses to optimize processes with state-of-the-art technology. You are at the heart of the business. That makes the job of SAP consultant incredibly interesting and exciting.

Why at TheValueChain?

Why is the Rising Star Academy something for you?

  • Deep dive. We take 10 young professionals through the essentials of SAP for 6 weeks. At an inspiring location, without being disturbed.
  • Aligned with your interest. First you gain insight into the full suite of SAP solutions. Then you choose between tracks with a focus on sales & marketing or supply chain.
  • Soft skills. Customers appreciate your soft skills – social intelligence, commercial assertiveness and presentation style, to name but a few. We help you sharpen your skills.
  • Fun!

Are you our rising star?

Are you a team player, eager to learn and able to deal with pressure? And do you share our passion for business process improvement driven by technology? Then you may be the rising star that we are looking for. Please apply for one of our Blitz evenings and send us your resumé. We will contact you soon!

Rising Star Academy


  • with a master’s in engineering, IT, business, economics
  • 2 years’ experience as a business process owner, business analyst, project coordinator, manager or driven (SAP) end user
  • inspired by business challenges and with a passion for technology
  • good bilingual communicator: NED-ENG + FRA as an asset, or FRA-ENG + NED as an asset

How to get selected?

  1. Register
    Apply via the registration form:

    • for the first Blitz evening: by 29 January;
    • for the second Blitz evening: by 18 February.
  2. Blitz evening
    Does your profile match our challenges? Then we invite you to a Blitz evening: on Thursday, 31 January (6-10 pm), or Wednesday, 20 February (6-10 pm). We will explain TheValueChain story. In one-to-one meetings, you will get to know consultants, teamleads and managers.
  3. The outcome
    After the second Blitz evening, we will inform you whether you have been selected for the Academy.

Are you interested in a Rising Star career?