About technology and imagination

Breaking the barriers

What if imagination and creativity had no boundaries in our business world? What if we could break the technological barriers and move from an efficient to a truly intelligent enterprise?


The intelligent digital mesh
In the future, virtually every application, service and Internet of Things object will incorporate some form of artificial intelligence to automate or augment processes and human actions. Digital and physical worlds will immerse into each other. A digital mesh of smart machines will connect billions of people, businesses, devices, content and services into a continuous digital experience.

Amplify human intelligence
Today, you can amplify human intelligence through technologies such as predictive augmented analytics, AI-driven development, autonomous connected smart things, digital twins, speech recognition, Robot Process Automation (RPA), digital ethics, immersive experiences including virtual & augmented reality, blockchain, smart spaces, …

Many of these technologies have been embedded into solutions like S/4HANA Cloud, leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to develop new business processes and integrate with other Cloud and on-premise applications.

The journey towards the intelligent enterprise
How can you augment humanity by focusing on added-value tasks and automate where possible? How can you untether users from the key board and create unique user experiences? What if you could just talk to your enterprise software in an intelligent and human-like manner?

TheValueChain’s mission is to inspire you and break the barrier together, grasp the opportunities and have the new digital technologies work for you. We inspire you to create new business opportunities, amplify human intelligence across your organization and focus on your core business.

Digital transformation is not a buzz word anymore: it is at the doorstep of your enterprise. Let it in and embrace it. Together, we can break the barrier towards a truly intelligent enterprise.