“The only limit is your imagination”

Eric Hassenberg talked at the SAP Festival about realizing your technological potential as a company. Eric leads the Solution & Sales Enablement team of TheValueChain. This is what he said.

“As a kid, I believed that with technology, we could achieve anything. In the eighties, we saw all these cool gadgets and technology appear. You remember these big chunky mobile phones. Floppy disks. Minidisks. Hard disks. Computers taking over the world. We also saw things like artificial intelligence. Virtual reality, 3D-printing and amazing computing capabilities. Guess what? It’s not sci-fi anymore. It’s real, and it’s right at the doorstep of your company.”

“Make no mistake. Every company today is a technology company. We are all faced with the same exciting challenge. There will always be people who think technology is stupid or futuristic or even dangerous. But the fact is: it’s here. And it will stay.”

“What changed from the eighties until now is that we have evolved from potential to implementation. The biggest question is no longer what, but rather when and how.”

“Let me give an example. Fifteen years ago, we talked about going mobile. The hardware and software were so expensive that it was very hard to do. Today it only takes a cloud license and the app development environment to get apps up and running in a couple of days or weeks.”

“Another example. At one of our clients, ADB Safegate, project managers enter forecasts in separate tools and at the end of the month somebody in the finance department retypes it into another system. By using an RPA bot we automated this process and freed up time for that person to do meaningful work. We will see more of this kind of automation in companies around the world.”

“Another client of ours, Bru Textiles, wants to create virtual demo rooms where customers can experience how textiles are applied, connected to the S/4 backend system.”

“Twenty years ago, you had to be a specialist. Today a crazy idea can lead to great opportunities and innovation. It’s not only for the big corporate companies anymore.”

“By now, most of us know what to do. Now is the time to actually do it. We have to move from potential to implementation, from experimentation to execution. We as an SAP partner are here to help you to implement these technologies. We are here to achieve those dreams we had as kids. The only limit is your creativity.”

Watch Eric Hassenberg at SAP Festival 2019.