Is SAP Analytics Cloud outpacing the competition?

Over the past few years, SAP has been struggling to compete with business intelligence tools like Qlik and Power BI. While SAP was excellent in corporate, IT-driven and trusted BI, these tools were focusing on departmental agile development and self-service BI. With SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP finally has an answer. And yes, it outdoes the competition by shifting one gear higher.

At the SAP Festival, Bmatix, our partner in BI and information management, will show you the full end2end capabilities of SAC, based on a wholesale template.

SAP Analytics Cloud is a very agile BI tool, including seamless integration of planning and predictive capabilities. SAC can be used for many functionalities including Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Augmented Intelligence.

Bmatix has developed valuable content for purchasing, inventory, sales and finance. The template covers a large part of a wholesale company’s reporting needs.

Visit our booth if you want to discover …

  1. HOW TO ACCELERATE TIME-TO-MARKET AND INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR BI INVESTMENT. The Bmatix model is based on best practices. Using these models will reduce the time required for needs analysis and testing, and speed up the time-to-market and value creation of your BI environment.

  2. HOW TO DEFINE THE RIGHT KPIS AND START WORKING WITH THEM FAST. Defining KPIs can be time-consuming. Businesspeople often come up with complex KPIs, embedding numerous exceptions to make values more accurate. KPIs, however, should be objective and easy to understand, communicate and follow up. SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference model) is a great source of inspiration for objective and widely used KPIs. Our template’s SCOR-based KPI reporting includes target values, tactical and operational reporting. Financial KPIs complete the package.

  3. HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR PREDICTIVE POWER. First, SAC provides an easy way for businesspeople to do sensitivity analysis, helping you determine priorities. Second, it allows you to use your business data to build and train predictive models. These models can be included in reporting or exported to S4/HANA to be used in e.g. CRM or supply chain management.

  4. HOW TO CLOSE THE LOOP BETWEEN ACTUAL AND BUDGET. At our SAP Festival booth, we will demonstrate the flexibility of SAP planning, and how you can go from one big budgeting exercise per year to multiple shorter forecasting cycles, closing the loop between actual and budget.

  5. HOW TO ENSURE YOUR BI PERFORMANCE, EVEN WITH HUGE DATA VOLUMES. Your BI grows with your business and data volumes without weakening performance. S4/HANA and BW/4HANA use advanced in-memory computing technology, ensuring high-volume data processing. Our BI reporting models support both real time and batch data processing.

  6. HOW HISTORICAL DATA ARE SAFEGUARDED FOR TREND REPORTING. The Bmatix template allows you to migrate valuable historical data when moving to S4/HANA. The starting point of trend reporting can be as far back in time as you choose – years before your S4/HANA went live.

On the SAP Festival we will talk about more deeply about how to you can improve your business with SAP Analytics Cloud. Don’t forget to reserve your seat at the SAP Festival.