Innovation in action with S/4HANA eWM and digital technologies

On June 6th, as a Platinum Partner, we will be at the SAP Festival showcasing our experience at roundtables and speaker corners. Additionally, we will bring multiple business changer stories.

Wholesale and distribution

One of these stories will be about the numerous challenges in wholesale and distribution. We will show you how S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management and digital technologies generate tremendous momentum for your organization.

Think about challenges such as the expectations of your customers, the complexity of the process and last but not least new digital strategies.

1. Customer expectations

Technological innovation has increased global competition and caused a rise in online business. Your customers expect wider choice, rapid fulfilment and lower prices. How to remain competitive while improving your efficiency?

2. Process complexity

As process complexity rises, so does the risk of things going wrong – especially for companies struggling with outdated or disconnected processes, inefficient inventory management, or lack of insight into huge amounts of data. How to ensure robust processes and tight integration?

3. Digital strategies

Are your digital strategies and services future-proof, i.e. ready to capitalize on new business models, grow customer engagement, and outrun disruptive competitors?

Innovation in action: advice from a problem solver

Curious about SAP S/4HANA eWM transformation from digital to shopfloor? Watch our unique LEGO MINDSTORMS visualization by leveraging different digital technologies in an end-to-end warehouse process.

On the SAP Festival we will talk about more deeply about how SAP S/4HANA, eWM and digital technologies provided the solution. Don’t forget to reserve your seat at the SAP Festival.