We are proud Platinum Partner at the SAP Festival

The journey to the intelligent enterprise starts on June 6th. That’s the start of the SAP Festival and TheValueChain is a proud Platinum Partner.

What is the SAP Festival?

The SAP Festival is all about experiences. Which business innovations lead you to the Intelligent Enterprise? Which technologies and platforms enable you to innovate?

Listen how innovation can take you to Mars, make you world champion, save lives, and turn your company into a fabulous, future-proof, Intelligent Enterprise.

What can you expect at the SAP Festival?

The SAP festival has a full program.

Dr. Adriana Marais, Tom Raftery, Shane McLeod, Timo Elliot and Vincent Vanasch are the keynote speakers at the SAP Festival. But there is a lot more you can expect.

There are 9 areas from 48 speaker corners, 32 roundtables, 2000 attendees, 2 concerts and 15 food trucks.

TheValueChain is the proud Platinum Partner at SAP Festival

TheValueChain as a proud Platinum Partners will be there too. We will host 2 roundtables, 2 speaker corners, an innovation speech and 4 business chargers.

Obviously, we will talk about our areas of expertise: customer experience, data & technology such as: Internet of Things and supply chain & logistics in order to break the barrier.

We try to find an answer on the question: what if technology could do anything you imagine, and the only barrier was your creativity?

You can find more information about the SAP Festival here. Will you join us on June 6th?