Marriage or a One-Night Stand? Watch our event aftermovie!

Customer experience, in short CX, is becoming a big focus of corporate strategies. Companies dream of engaging with their customers and building long-term relationships, based on commitment, trust, loyalty and consistency.

On March 26, we welcomed 75 participants to Marriage or a One-Night Stand? The Customer Experience Challenge’. Companies like Bekaert and ADB SAFEGATE testified about their journey towards a personalized multi-channel CX. As the first Belux partner, we welcomed Qualtrics on stage – the world’s most agile marketing platform for CX strategy improvement.

“What TheValueChain sets apart, to me, is their approach”, said one of the participants. “It’s very much hands-on and down to earth. They don’t waste time discussing working methods. They just roll up their sleeves and get to it!” Great to hear!

Enjoy the movie!