Welcome to our mystery guest: Qualtrics!

TheValueChain is the first Belux partner to welcome Qualtrics on stage, during our customer experience event on March 26.

Before the wedding celebration starts, we present you the latest CX acquisition of SAP: Qualtrics!

Who is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is the world’s most agile marketing platform for CX strategy improvement, making it easy for companies to monitor, respond, and improve every key moment along the customer journey and incorporate customer feedback and recommendations into every decision.

What does the Qualtrics platform do?

Qualtrics is the platform that the most iconic companies use to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results. The XM Platform makes it simple for any organization to collect, understand, and act on experience data (X-data)—the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments of customers and employees.

Why we invite Qualtrics to our customer experience event

Ruben Bru will speak about how Qualtrics will turn your:

  • customers into fanatics
  • products into obsessions
  • employees into ambassadors
  • brands into religions

Join Qualtrics and register now!