How to build a customer for life

All great businesses have at least one thing in common: behind different products, business models and motivations, customer experience (CX) is at the top of each boardroom agenda. To give customers what they want and when they want it shapes the entire end-to end experience.

Customer Experience is a never-ending cycle

With the customer at the root of all their decisions, businesses reframe the narrative for their actions. Which is a far-reaching exercise, as customer experience is not a one-off thing. It’s a never-ending cycle. It starts with engagement, trust, with what happens at different touch points like phone calls, webshop, e-mails, delivery, renewal, loyalty programs and so on.

How are your processes linked (inter-connected)?

Customers enjoy dealing with just one entity in a single process, from awareness and consideration right through to payment, receipt and nurture. To really deliver this experience perfectly, you need to link your business processes in exactly the same way, from lead, opportunity and quote through to fulfilment and invoicing. In other words: you need a set of solutions that works together seamlessly.

Why SAP might drive your customer’s experience (CX)?

This blend of processes is what makes the SAP Customer Experience portfolio outstanding and unique. It allows you to re-engineer your sales and service processes so that products are turned into services. Services focussing on a contextual and personalized customer-for-life experience. And if the next set of challenges around CX require superbly integrated front and back office processes, this is where you get them.

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