Why do companies come knocking on TheValueChain’s door for global SAP projects?

At Starbucks in Brussels Airport, you regularly bump into TheValueChain colleagues. The international business of this two-time Trends Gazelle has been booming for a couple of years now. It has established an enviable reputation in global SAP projects and roll-outs for large companies. Can TheValueChain promise young professionals an international SAP career?

‘We’re not quite there yet,’ smiles Eric Hassenberg, partner at TheValueChain. He clocks up tens of thousands of air miles every year for SAP projects. ‘We are not a Big Four company with offices worldwide. Nevertheless, our approach appeals to large companies with a strong footprint in Belgium.’

Where is the difference with the big boys?

‘In the pragmatic, no-nonsense approach. In the fun. And also: at our company, the same core team carries out all projects and roll-outs for a customer, sometimes at dozens of offices across all continents. This way, you build up valuable knowledge in your team quickly and it allows you to do things more efficiently.’

What makes global projects special?

‘Multinationals and large companies expect maturity, because there are generally a lot of stakeholders reading over your shoulder,’ Eric explains. ‘What’s more, complex organisations have complicated decision processes and sometimes divided interests. They often play the standardisation card. Most of the time, you end up in mixed teams with employees of the customer and suppliers. When that happens, you have to be able to stand your ground.’

Golive Umicore Hong Kong-South Korea

Does TheValueChain throw young professionals to the lions?

Eric frowns. ‘That would show little respect for all that talent, and for the customer. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, you get to assist experienced veterans with big projects as a young professional at TheValueChain.

Often, the challenge is: how do you simplify complicated processes? Top consultants don’t think one step, but two steps ahead of the customer. They can do this thanks to years of experience and extensive process insight. As a youngster, you develop this step by step. You learn to cope with the pressure, to fully understand the processes and you really get to grips with the methodology. Until you are ready to take on any SAP challenge.’

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About the Rising Star Academy

The Rising Star Academy is an initiative of TheValueChain. Via intensive training we aim to encourage young people with a master’s degree to pursue a career in SAP. Check our website for more information: https://www.thevaluechain.be/rising-star-academy/.