The 3 soft skills of a next-gen top SAP consultant

So, you have a string of SAP certifications. That should be enough to become a respected SAP consultant, right? Truth is, it is not that simple. In addition to technical competencies, you should really also work on your soft skills. Becoming a consultant is a slow, personal growth process. But, with proper guidance, you can accelerate this process. Here are our top three soft skills for a SAP consultant:

1. Listen carefully

Perhaps the most important quality of a SAP consultant is: the ability to listen carefully and correctly interpret what your conversation partner is saying.

Only then will you ask the right questions, leading you directly to the heart of the matter. Meetings with people who ask good questions are never boring and are always efficient.

Being misunderstood is also a major reason for job dissatisfaction.

2. Continue to learn

Listening is closely connected with curiosity and a willingness to continue to learn.

Being curious is a verb. As a SAP consultant, you are always confronted with new situations, on-site with new customers with innovation projects, often with state-of-the-art technology. Sharing knowledge is a thousand times better than going it alone, saving everything in your own head. The more you share, the quicker your knowledge will grow.

Rolling out SAP is never a one-man show. And that is exactly what makes the job so exciting, by the way.Soft Skills of a SAP consultant

3. Channel your inner diplomat

Even if you are an absolute SAP wizard, success is not necessarily guaranteed. You will always be faced with conflicting opinions and visions that are hard to reconcile: of stakeholders, key users or within your own project team.

Experienced SAP consultants know that, in a project, it is not about winning. But rather, about considering all ideas and motivating people to achieve the best possible result. This requires diplomacy, assertiveness and leadership.

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