Do you like +85% of your job?

You might have heard about the kick-off of our Rising Star Academy. If not: the Rising Star Academy is an intensive training, provided by TheValueChain, that encourages young people  to pursue a career in SAP. 

But why would I pursue a career in SAP?

That’s probably one of the questions you have. Nowadays, SAP is the driving force behind many innovations in the business world. SAP is more than just implementing technology: you are helping businesses to optimize processes with state-of-the-art technology. You are at the heart of the business. That makes the job of SAP consultant incredibly interesting and exciting.

Do you have a job that you love doing?

Chances are you already have an interesting and exciting job. But do you have a job that you love doing? There will always be things you don’t like, but can you truly say you like +85% of your job? If so, congrats. You belong to a minority group …

Join the Rising Star AcademyJoin our exclusive training

If NO, you may like this: if you are fond of business challenges and digital technology then the sky is the limit at TheValueChain. With the Rising Star Academy, we will teach you everything we know about SAP in an intensive 6-week training programme. The best part is that you can choose your own topics and decide what the first steps in your SAP career path will look like.

How does it work?

If you have been approved (see below how you can apply) to our academy, then first you will gain insight into the full suite of SAP solutions. Then you choose between tracks with a focus on sales & marketing or supply chain. After the training you can kick-start your career at TheValueChain. The future is yours. Choose wisely.

Are you a Rising Star?

Do you want to be the next generation SAP consultant? Register immediately and join one of our Blitz Evenings in January or February. We are happy to welcome you!

About the Rising Star Academy

The Rising Star Academy is an initiative of TheValueChain. Via intensive training we aim to encourage young people with a master’s degree to pursue a career in SAP. Check our website for more information: