Miko Group converts webshops to SAP Commerce

Miko Group has decided to convert their current Magento webshops to the SAP Commerce platform. The main reason for Miko Group to choose for SAP Commerce is its track record: SAP Commerce has proven its value as a state-of-the-art commerce solution for B2B and B2C in many companies and industries. The objective is to add two new webshops per year in the countries where Miko Group is active.

The new B2B webshop will give customers a personalised catalogue browsing experience, with specific customer pricing, promotions and sales order creation. The close integration with the supply chain activities in the ERP backend will result in a complete end-to-end customer experience. The SAP Commerce solution will enable Miko to have a faster go-to-market and swifter product launches. As an innovative and open platform, it will support Miko in its long-term growth and ambitions, both in B2B and B2C.

TheValueChain looks forward to bringing the first storefronts live next summer!