Warehouse management with SAP S/4HANA explained in a LEGO model video

With a stunning video and an impressive model built with LEGO, TheValueChain puts GO.Beyond Wholesale, Warehousing & Transportation in the spotlight. GO.Beyond WWT is now available as a SAP Qualified Partner Solution.

GO.Beyond Wholesale, Warehousing & Transportation is a prepackaged SAP solution on SAP S/4HANA made by TheValueChain. “The warehouse playground LEGO model allows us to show customers and interested parties in a unique way how inbound and outbound processes and movements of goods within the warehouse interact with our SAP qualified package,” explains Ivan Leysen, managing partner of TheValueChain.

“Demos are not always memorable, but this creative approach, complete with minifigures and small robot cars, makes the solution tangible. The original visualisation makes the story stand out from the crowd. If a company wants to know how GO.Beyond Wholesale, Warehousing & Transportation would work in the daily practice of their warehouse, we can show them by customising the warehouse playground LEGO model to simulate their environment.”

The model and the video also come in handy at trainings and workshops. “We believe in the merits of gamification, using game elements to motivate people,” says Ivan Leysen. “Gamification works: it makes learning enjoyable and creates a positive attitude towards change. That’s what we want to achieve with our warehouse playground. The video is the cherry on the pie. Many thanks to the creative wizards of Branded.Careers for helping us create this visual masterpiece!”

Watch it here & please let us know what you think.

Find out more on GO.Beyond Wholesale, Warehousing & Transportation. GO.Beyond is available as a SAP Qualified Partner Solution. Find the solution at the website of SAP: for SAP S/4HANA Cloud Single Tenant, or for SAP S/4HANA on premise.