The faces behind TheValueChain

Meet our team

Experienced team

Over half of the TheValueChain’s employees have more than 10 years’ project and consultancy experience in SAP and business process optimization. Many of them had worked together for years long before TheValueChain started up. The team has accumulated excellent references long before it became TheValueChain, and is still doing so today.

Ivan Leysen

Founder and Managing Partner

“I believe strongly in focus and specialisation as conditions for success,” says Ivan. “That conviction was a major driving force at the start of TheValueChain. Getting faster and better returns from SAP for our customers, that is the starting point. All our efforts and investments go into developing our SAP offering and furthering our expertise. We want to become the key reference partner for SAP in our focus markets and areas of specialisation. By doing what we promise, with full knowledge of the facts, pragmatically and honestly. One time shots are not our ambition. Long-term cooperation is always the goal.”

Dieter Oversteyns

Founder and Managing Partner

“Becoming the largest player isn’t my primary motive,” says Dieter. “More important is how TheValueChain grows. Procedures and hierarchical structures often come at the expense of respect for people’s individuality. We want to make the difference with a personalised, transparent approach tailored to the customer and the employee – even if tomorrow we’re 2 or 3 times larger than today. Teamwork is extremely important in this vision, both with customers and between consultants. Through the honest confrontation of ideas and insights you set things in motion and gradually build up your relationship of trust. We want to encourage this dynamic from TheValueChain.”

Michel Martens

Managing Partner TheValueChain Nederland

Michel is a manager with a people-oriented approach. He supervised teams of developers, consultants and project managers and he himself worked as a SAP consultant for years. With 17 years’ SAP experience, he is very familiar with the business and the world of consultants. He holds a master’s degree in Management Sciences. Michel managed over 200 client systems in numerous sectors. Thanks to his technical background, he has a clear understanding of the challenges facing his team. Michel gets his hands dirty while others are still making plans. He knows what he wants and how to achieve it. He is pragmatic, enthusiastic and persistent. A driven man with a clear vision who is able to motivate others to work together to realise this vision.

Romein van Straaten

Managing Partner TheValueChain Switzerland

“We go flat out for a pragmatic and highly reactive approach”, says Romein van Straaten. “Innovation is vital for ensuring future success. That’s why TheValueChain is continuously investing in knowledge about innovative technology. Expertise in the industry and insight into what drives decision-makers are crucial, however. We make that a focus point. Several experts in our company have 10 years or more of experience as CFO, COO or CIO.”